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Kess Services respects your online privacy and your right to know what data you share with us and what we do with it.

By accessing this website you consent to the way information is collected and used. Outlined below is a description of cookies used on this site.

1. First Party Cookies

Set directly by this website.
Google Analytics are used to collect visitor behaviour data for this site only: pages you visit; time spent on the site; how you got here and links you clicked. No personally identifiable data (eg your name or address) is collected or stored that identifies who you are.

2. Third Party Cookies

Services set by external sites.
Sharing buttons on projects to allow visitors to share content on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, G+.

To connect these buttons to the relevant social networks requires scripts from domains outside this website. Check the policies of each of these sites to see how your information is being used and how to opt out or delete such information.

Cookies. No Thanks!

We operate an ‘implied consent’ policy, assuming you are happy with this usage. If not, choose one of the following options:

  1. Select your browser’s anonymous usage setting
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  2. Delete the cookies on your computer, after visiting the site.
  3. Do not use this site. Last resort!

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